Bradley Palmer State Park - Pedestrian and Equestrian Bridge Replacement

Client: MADCR
Location: Topsfield, MA

Project Description: TFCI was the general contractor for the demolition, reconstruction, and reinstallation of a 72 foot long x 10 foot wide pedestrian and equestrian bridge after high Ipswich River flows caused the existing center pier to partially collapse causing the widely used bridge to be closed. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation funded the project through the highly publicized massDOT Accelerated Bridge Program and TFCI continued the acceleration effort by completing the project three months ahead of schedule. The work included the installation of a Portadam cofferdam around the collapsed pier, placement of cribbing and scaffolding to support the bridge during pier reconstruction, and complete removal and replacement of the bridge decking and rail system. Access was very limited due to the limited staging areas and roadside project location.