Charbert — Wetland Restoration and Lagoon Dredging

Client: Private Client
Location: Alton, RI

Project Description: TFCI was the general contractor for several environmental compliance projects for a former manufacturing facility in Alton, Rhode Island. A former holding lagoon was found to have contaminated sediments in the upper sediments which needed to be removed. Since it was not an option to dewater the lagoon due to both an aggressive schedule as well as the cost-prohibitive nature of a water treatment system, TFCI instead utilized a long reach excavator to dredge the sediments in the wet after installing a staked turbidity barrier and fence line across the lagoon to protect against cross-contamination.

Another project was performed on-site to comply with local wetland and riverbank buffer regulations, TFCI excavated and relocated approximately 15,000 cubic yards of material from the buffer zones to an on-site placement location. TFCI maintained the aggressive schedule as the work was performed in the winter months in preparation for restoration work which would take place in the spring. Over 1,500 wetland trees and shrubs were planted as part of the restoration and an extensive irrigation system was setup to maintain growth.