Forge Pond — Emergency Dam Breaching

Client: MADCR
Location: Freetown, MA

Project Description: Following unprecedented rainfall in the early spring of 2010, TFCI was invited to bid on the emergency breaching of the 300 year old Forge Pond Dam that was in danger of collapsing and sending uncontrolled water towards downtown Freetown. Following an expedited bid process (competitively won by T Ford) and award, TFCI immediately mobilized to the site to setup dewatering and stabilization controls. However, during this mobilization, another storm deposited over six inches of additional rain over the area. TFCI worked with GZA, the DCR, and the National Guard to stabilize the dam and manned the site on a 24 hour basis until the flood waters had dissipated.

TFCI installed a Portadam cofferdam and bypass pumps to control the water while each side of the dam was breached. Wetlands seed, various sized rip rap and cobbles and additional micro topography features were installed to construct the new, permanent stream channel and stabilize the site.