What We Do

T Ford Company, Inc. offers a full range of general contracting services in the field of traditional, heavy, civil site work construction. Most of our work is "ground down," including underground utilities, concrete structures, waste disposal systems, and waterside construction, with extensive capabilities in industrial building construction and specialty machine foundations. A major component of our work is in environmental construction and remediation of contaminated sites. We have recently added solar array installation to our extensive project portfolio.

How We Work

T Ford Company, Inc. offers its best services by engaging in contract work either through competitive bids or pricing and work-scope negotiation. We have also successfully partnered with our clients to develop mutually beneficial design-build remedies for changed or indefinable work. We primarily contract directly with owners, though we also engage with agents—engineers and project managers—for our general contracting services. We have excellent bonding, insurance, banking, and vendor relationships.


T Ford Company, Inc. owns its heavy excavation and support equipment. Low ground pressure dozers and dumpers, pressure grouting equipment, high capacity pumps, and a 6,000 SF shop allow us responsive project controls and flexibility.