Vitale - Fly Ash Consolidation and Habitat Restoration Project

Client: Private Client
Location: Beverly/Wenham, MA

Project Description: TFCI was the general contractor for this high profile fly ash excavation and consolidation project. TFCI excavated and relocated over 100,000 cubic yards of fly ash impacted soils in creating a fourteen acre environmental cap consisting of a geotextile cover and over 100,000 tons of earth materials. TFCI utilized the Topcon Hiper Lite GPS system for survey control and equipped a low ground pressure bulldozer with the GPS components that allowed TFCI's equipment operators to perform "stakeless grading" as the required cuts and fills were viewed on a video screen within the bulldozer cab.

Over 2,000 linear feet of stream channels were reconstructed and much of the excavation work was performed within the wetlands and immediately adjacent to a drinking water supply reservoir. TFCI pumped and treated over 4,000,000 gallons of groundwater and maintained a high level of erosion control and dust control proactivity due to the proximity of the sensitive surrounding environment. During site restoration, over 50,000 wetland plants were installed through approximately 12 acres of erosion control blankets.