Brayton Point - Flyash Cells 10A and 1A Closures

Client: Private Client
Location: Somerset, MA

Project Description: T Ford Co. Inc. was the General Contractor for the closure of two, 2 acre fly ash landfills at the Brayton Point Power Plant. The closures consisted of a 40 mil HDPE geomembrane with a bedding sand layer, a drainage layer and vegetative support layer. On site Bottom Ash was hauled to the cells and used to grade and shape the landfills as well as to utilize the remaining air space for disposal of the Bottom Ash. The cells were graded and shaped and all earth materials were placed using GPS guidance on a Low Ground Pressure Dozer. The cells were located beneath multiple high tension transmission wires and a safe clearance distance had to be maintained during all portions of the work, particularly placing and spreading earth materials. T Ford surveyed the high tension wired and developed a 3-D model that was loaded into the GPS guidance equipment to enable real time monitoring of the vertical clearance to the wires. In addition T Ford employed an optical distance measuring device to regularly check the vertical separation during dumping and spreading of earth materials.