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Allen's Ave
Newport MGP Cap
Salem Keyspan
Tidewater Holders and Buildings Demolition


Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site Gas Holders and Support Structures Demolition
Client: Ameresco, Inc.
Engineer: AMEC Foster Wheeler
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Project Description: Decommissioning and demolition of two large aboveground steel gas holders at a former MGP site.

Prior to demolition, millions of gallons of accumulated water with a dense sludge base had to be removed. To do this, TFCI installed an extensive water treatment system and sludge press for the water and “flowable” sludge. Even denser sludge was removed via vacuum truck/vac boxes and stabilized mechanically on site. The site was located in a very sensitive neighborhood and an extensive fogger/mister system was set up to knock down volatile organic compounds at the site perimeter. Many other odor and dust control methods were implemented throughout the course of the work. Following lead and asbestos abatement, the gas holders, 180 feet and 130 feet in diameter, were systematically dismantled. The six internal steel shell cups were peeled, sheared, and sized for recycling.

As part of the project, TFCI also demolished three former MGP site support buildings and associated gas conveyance piping. The buildings were adjacent to an active substation and an exhaustive pre-work underground utility identification effort was conducted because of the variable historical MGP operations. Again, dust control was critical, so TFCI tailored the demolition methods and sequence to minimize dust generation. The demolition work was performed after asbestos and other hazardous material abatement work was completed.