Crane River — Sediment Remediation

Client: Private Client
Location: Danvers, MA

Project Description: TFCI was contracted to dredge 2000 CY of contaminated sediments from the Danvers River. The site is a former Manufactured Gas Plant located in a residential neighborhood with homes in close proximity to the remediation work. The contamination was PAH's and coal tar in four hot spots spread over an approximately 4 acre tidal flat. The remediation was performed using a land based operation working with the tides to remove material 'in the dry'. Access to the shoreline required constructing a temporary timber crossing over two sets of Railroad tracks which were taken out of service for the duration of the work. A timber mat roadway was installed across the coastal bank and over 300 ft. of soft tidal mud flats to access the hot spots.

Sediments were excavated with a long reach excavator and loaded into Low Ground Pressure (LGP) tracked haul trucks and transported to the upland staging area. Sediments were dumped into a lined mixing pit constructed in the abandoned gas holder foundation and stabilized with Portland cement. After curing for 24 hours the stabilized material was loaded and hauled for off site Thermal treatment and disposal. The hot spots were backfilled with sand and the area restored to original grades.